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Jeff Sherman
Jeff Joad and the Joads




...is a composer - pianist living in Boulder, Colorado. His songs are simple and melodic, reflecting a variety of influences that include the piano sonatas of Beethoven and the piano works of Keith Jarrett.


Greg Sherman - "The Road Home" Produced for Musea Records by Greg Sherman. Engineered by Billy Cobb. Digitally Mastered by Billy Cobb at Billy Cobb Recording. Order Now

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The Road Home (972k)

Heart Of Hearts (1241k)



Greg Sherman - "Zutique" Produced for Relentless Pursuit Records by Jeff Sherman and Greg Sherman. Engineered by Billy Cobb and Juan Garza. Recorded at Gateway Studios, Santa Barbara, California, and Billy Cobb Recording. Digitally Mastered by Billy Cobb at Billy Cobb Recording. Order Now

Writing for piano since the age of thirteen, Greg's musical journey has taken him down many roads. "From 60's rock 'n' roll I learned how to improvise," Greg explains. (more...)


The music of Zutique will lead you down a path of experience. On this path, you will experience the joining of imagery and feeling. Therefore his songs are like paintings. (more...)


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