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Time For A Change
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Time For A Change
Jeff Joad - Relentless Pursuit Records RD4126

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Judgment of The Flame

Jeff Joad and The Joads Relentless Pursuit Records RD4127

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"Judgment of The Flame"

Who Shot JFK?

Freeway Exit Man

To Believe

Judgment of The Flame

I Have Walked With Kings

When I Look In Your Face

The War Gun

Fat As Elvis

Sad Little Cowgirl

Shine On

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Time For A Change
Say A Prayer For Evelyn

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Jeff Joad and the Joads

JeffAs his borrowed last name might imply, Jeff Joad's songwriting is aimed squarely at the life and times of the common man. Developing on John Steinbeck's concept, he draws a parallel with what is happening now on the streets of our cities and towns and the struggle that faced a great portion of our people following the collapse of the banking institution in the late 1920's. Using the "dust bowl" heritage of folk songwriting greats like Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Jeff's energies were originally only directed toward the plight of the homeless man. But more recently he has been writing about the need to restore basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution but eroded by the government over the last eight years. Since coming out of semi-retirement, he feels his calling now includes providing a voice for the middle class working man and woman, bringing to light the disasterous effects of thirty years of Regannomics. And of course, to rail against the Ultra-Conservative's concerted efforts to marginalize their quality of life. His activist record speaks for itself.

JeffJeff has donated profits from his critically acclaimed debut album “Time For A Change” to homeless shelters and hunger outreach programs throughout Southern California. He has spearheaded canned food drives in the form of admission to his live performances. His first album has logged airplay on dozens of college campuses across the country from Plainfield, Vermont to Berkeley, California. “Time For A Change” has also received airplay on major stations here in the Los Angeles area.

Following "Time For A Change" Jeff and The Joads completed work on a follow-up album “Judgment of The Flame" after an extensive series of concerts in Guatemala. Members of the band went there as part of a non-profit effort called Xela-Aid to bring medical care to an impoverished city Quetzaltenango, or Xela (pronounced "shay-la" by the locals). The area is famous for being home to the poorest of the poor of all the peoples of The Americas.

Additionally, the track “Shine On (featured on the "Judgment of The Flame" CD) has been released as a video and has garnered acclaim winning an INTERCOM (a Division of the Chicago International Film Festival) Music Video Award.

Jeff is currently at work writing material for a new Jeff Joad and The Joads album to be released soon and his "Judgment of The Flame" CD will be re-released by Ethnia Records, a division of the major French label Musea Records later this year.

A warm and dramatic live performer, Jeff Joad's experience includes club work on both coasts, several national tours as a frontman with various bands (Alan Rench & The Vicegrips, The Promise, The Drive, Changer) and extensive touring of Canada. He has traveled abroad as well, making his living at one point as a street musician in the Underground below the streets of London, England. We at Relentless Pursuit invite you to join us in participating in the career of this gifted and compassionate man.


Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica

: Hammond Organ

ANDY ARMER JOAD: Acoustic Piano

Bass Guitar

PAUL "PA" BLACK JOAD: Drums and Percussion

PETE PENDRAS JOAD: Acoustic Slide Guitar