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Blue Hotel
Blue Hotel (Relentless Pursuit Records RD4131)

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Blue Hotel
- Blue Hotel (Relentless Pursuit Records RD4131)

Radiation Sunset
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Blue Hotel

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Around My House
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I'm Your Secret Jesus
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Very little is known about this recent Relentless signing. Repeated requests for biographical material have gone unanswered. We do know they live deep in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State and have a fanatical following that purchase everything. they produce as if on command.

The only contact we have with them is when their "cell leader" Larkin McLarney surfaces to deliver their Masters for production and pick up their royalty checks. He is shown here (in a candid photo) on one such occasion in the hope someone out there can help us identify him. Frankly, we're a little scared. But when he settled for a recording contract advance of "$12.97. .HARD COLD CASH!" as he put it, who were we to say anything?

This album has logged zero (0) airplay on any radio stations we know of here in the United States. However, the song "I'm Your Secret Jesus" was a minor hit on Czech Radio One during the Serb Aggression. Honestly, we have no idea how they do it - we wish we did but we're too afraid to ask and no one here wants to go to their "compound" to find out. Maybe you can help us. Why is this CD one of our largest Internet Sellers? You check it out and let us know. And whatever you do don't mention going to Seattle to any of them. . .


Blue Hotel - Relentless Pursuit Cat.#: RD4131

LARKIN McLARNEY: Vocals, Guitar, Leader
: Drums
LN TOBIAS: Lonesome Highway Guitar

Produced for Relentless Pursuit Records by Blue Hotel

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